Dear all,
Dear imaginary NVRGN collective,

We are mobilizing for an artistic action against Neo-Fascism in Europe and we invite you to become part of this fictional collective.

The three demands of the action are:

X Stop Neo-Fascism X
Against the formation of a new Fascism in Europe and worldwide.
Exclusion and Nationalism can never be a solution.

! SAFE Passage now !
Stand up for legal entry ways! Decriminalise freedom of movement and sea rescue in Europe.
Human dignity as our core and uniting value.

? For a Solidary Future?
For an open society that is based on sustainability and solidarity is capable of solving the social and ecological issues of our time.

We show that MANY of us stand firmly against the marginalization and criminalization of sea rescue and reject the renaissance of the nationalist idea! From now on, we will roll out silver-golden rescue blankets across Europe and beyond: from balconies, theater windows, museum entrances, factory gates, schools, football stadiums, town halls, bridges, construction cranes and other creative and visible locations.

#NVRGN as an anti-fascist sign for a solidary future – never again fascism!

For a solidary and anti-fascist Europe of the Many!